[BONE] A Ghastly Windy Night(Second Part)

posted on 01 May 2014 19:38 by digitkame in BONE
Standing still in night,
moment of almost serene.
The blackout. Creek. Crack.
Creek, creek, crack,
 scream sound and the thuds.
His eyes adjusts.
All tables falls down
ungracefully, obviously.
The fuck if he cares.
Survivers, they flee
from the event unholy.
Thump, thud, they fall down.
Chaos turns to quiet.
Not a sound, not a movement.
Before him lies the door.
What's outside? Don't know.
Here is not for lingering,
so lets get out, but--
Shadow swooshes past,
so fast, can't see, he pauses.
Thump, thud, falls down again.
Others did not pause,
They crash him , fall, groan again.
Fuck you. Fuck you all.
That shadow thing returns.
Another sound of chaos.
He looks at the thing.
A bird. Fucking Bird.
Another sound of chaos.
A small wrap of sheet
Jumps onto Benny
and rolls aside. Mystery.
Don't care. Forget it.
Survivers, they flee.
Just to be stopped by the wrap.
Bird flies and land near.
Don't care. Don't give shit.
Benny starts to walk away.
Wrap clings onto him.
Someone removes it.
Revealed, it's just a monkey.
Squeak, squeak, it claws him.
Oh, poor Gemini
gets claw mark and banana.
A shout nearby.
The crew, they have come
to get the two animals.
They're so occupied.
Survivers, they flee.
Run, run, run, the crew don't care.
Ben survives the night.